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    v10.1 (2019.36.2.3)

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    240v 50 amp nema 15-40

    Just installed a NEMA 15-40
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    Cones now cool

    Looks like cones..
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    v10.1 (2019.36.2.1 ea322ad)

    5% more power
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    Driver side Door Information

    Found these tags on the Driver side door..
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    HIT 115 MPH MODEL 3

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    HIT 115 MPH MODEL 3

    Hit 115 mph on a long stretch at the track today. This car picks up really quick....
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    Vorsteiner Volta Body Kit

    This kit looks sexy.. Very nice.. Read More
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    Beautiful Body Kit for the Model 3

    Wow amazing body kit saw this image at
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    v10.0 (2019.32.12.2 58f3b76) 11Oct2019

    All, I just received another update today 11Oct2019 v10.0 (2019.32.12.2 58f3b76) Navigation Data:NA-2019.20-10487
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    v10.0 (2019.32.12.1 641e9fa) 10Oct2019

    All today I finally received my V10.0 upgrade today. 10Oct2019 v10.0 (2019.32.12.1 641e9fa) Navigation Data:NA-2019.20-10487
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    v9.0 (2019.27.103 566b11d) 07Oct2019

    When I picked up my Tesla this is the build it had.. 07OCT2019 Going to add the release notes coming soon. v9.0 (2019.27.103 566b11d) Navigation Date:NA-2019.20-10487
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    SPOTIFY Keeps rendering daily

    Getting a Little upset with how SPOTIFY keeps rendering daily.. Thinking of cancelling my subscription
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    Here are the After picks with the tint on.. 20% Front Windows 5% Rear and Top Windows

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